Ask if their drive is double spaced, make sure they selected the correct host drive to set the VM. Just send the printer body only. If this tab is missing the printer will not sense the EP cartridge in printer and register a steady red light. The parallel port on the SperScript is a high speed bi-directional port that must be driven in real time i. Check EP cartridge for broken tab, tab is located left side. Windows 95, lick on start, run, type c:

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The specifications are as follows: Replace cable with IEEE 6′ bi-directional cable. Change printer cable to IEEE 6′ printer cable.

NEC Superscript 860 Supplies

Image splits and wraps around page. Connected to Cirrus Pentium with 80 x 16 million colors getting cir. Nec superscript 860 EP cartridge to dealer for replacement. SuperScript printing Dye Sublimation mode printout is dull.

Adding additional memory in the PC is more effective for these printers. If image nec superscript 860 to right continues Call for service call We suggest the following. Click on the OK button.

Check for paper in hopper, shut printer down and retry. We suggest the following Where can I obtain a parts breakdown of the SuperScript printers? Also, if you are using some disk compression software such as Double Space, Windows requires that your virtual memory be setup on a non-compressed drive.

SYS cancels all file and print nec superscript 860 on the network. For service call If after restarting Windows and GDI mode still doesn’t print call for support SuperScript printing dark streak nec superscript 860 page. Nec superscript 860 the paper jam and try the following: Printing from Beyond mail, send job to printer no action or error. Shut off the printer, reseat the cable several times at the printer sideretry printing, if same problem replace printer cable with IEEE 6′ printer cable.

NEC SuperScript Toner and more –

Close out Control Panel and Main, exit and nec superscript 860 Windows. AutoCad v13 is a Windows based program except for printing. Getting paper empty message all the time from SuperScript print manager.

Open main Open control panel Open printers uncheck use Windows print manager click on connect uncheck fast print direct nec superscript 860 port check what port is selected ex.

Install a new toner cartridge. You can change this through the Control Panel, following the steps described below. If this does not work call for technical support.

NEC SuperScript Toner, – Printware

Paper jammed after replacing the SuperScript toner cartridge. Where can I obtain a parts breakdown of the SuperScript printers? Can refurbish or other printer manufacture EP cartridges be used in the SuperScript printer. If software is version 1 you can superscipt version 2. Installing nec superscript 860 SuperScript software getting the following error: Check new EP cartridge for damage, If damaged return to place of purchase Replace old cartridge and try nec superscript 860.

Trying to install software Windows 3. Under print to the following port select lpt1 and click on Apply. The blinking green light is normal, the printer is in the ready mode, waiting for data from CPU.